Former research students who have worked under Professor May’s supervision.


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NicholBarbara Nichol, PhD (2012), The breath of the wok: Melbourne’s early Chinese restaurants. Community, culture & entrepreneurialism in the city, late 19th C to 1950s. In her thesis Barbara argued that the relationship between the early Chinese restaurant sector and the city’s socio-cultural, economic and political landscape was more complex than has generally been acknowledged. She has presented her research at a number of events, the most recent being a joint presentation with Sydney archivist, Julie Stacker, on Chinese restaurants and food culture and their role in the history of Chinese migration to Melbourne and Sydney, held in conjunction with the National Library of Australia’s exhibition, ‘Celestial Empire; life in China, 1644-1911’. She is currently revising her thesis for publication.

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MA (Public History)

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Honours and Postgraduate Diploma

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braceyLucy Bracey, Honours (2008), ‘Dangerous Streets and Dangerous Spaces’: Women, Morality and Melbourne 1870-1918. Lucy has been working as a professional historian since graduating with honours in 2008. Her previous roles include Assistant Curator at the City Museum and at the State Library of Victoria. Currently she is an Associate Historian with Way Back When: Consulting Historians where her main passion is digital story telling. She has produced several audio documentaries include two for Radio National’s Hindsight program. Lucy is actively engaged in Melbourne’s history scene as a member of Oral History Victoria, Professional Historians Association (Victoria), and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. She has served as a committee member and President of PHA (Vic), a Councillor for RHSV and a judge for the National History Challenge. 

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Caitlin Mitropoulos, Honours (2014), Tourist Guidebooks and Mapping the Metropolis: Leisure, Recreation and Public Social Space in Late Nineteenth-Century Melbourne 1870-1910. After her honours year Caitlin completed a Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage. During her studies she had a part-time position at the Old Treasury Building museum, and began volunteering in the Collections and Interpretation Team at the National Trust, and shadowing heritage architect Samantha Westbrooke as part of the ICOMOS Young Professionals Mentorship program. After finishing her degree she was offered a part-time position at the National Trust helping coordinate the Heritage Festival. Her current role there is Community Advocate, focusing on a wide variety of planning and advocacy issues across Victoria.

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