AHA presentations

Six of our students and eight former students presented papers at the recent Australian Historical Association Conference at Federation University in Ballarat.

Nicole Davis (‘The transnational urban lives of Henry Morwitch’); Leanne Howard (‘Cultural resilience in the Burren, Ireland: landscapes, communities and heritage’); James Lesh (‘Challenging modernity: skyscrapers, heritage and the late-twentieth-century Australian city’); Susan Reidy (‘The garden and the game: modern urban leisure in the public gardens and sports grounds of Ballarat and Geelong 1850s-1870s’); Volkhard Wehner (‘Victoria’s German community and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71: unification twice over?’); Roland Wettenhall (‘Friendly societies in Victoria: an influential social force in war and peace’).

Liz Downes (‘Pest or resource: native animals and the skin and fur trade in Victoria’); Penny Edmonds (‘Performing reconciliation’); Benjamin Mountford (Gold Rush Societies plenary panel); Ember Parkin (‘Social, cultural and economic sustainability in three Victorian goldfields towns’); Bec Sanders (‘The mechanics of doing public history’); Sue Silberberg (‘Respectable rogues? Jewish convicts and the settlement of Australia’); Michael Taffe (‘From boom to bust and back again’); Jill Wheeler (‘The poorest work ever a man followed’).


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